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Saturday, June 27, 2015

More better.

Really been enjoying working in the container garden (spaRRows) this week.

The 3 big pots have been allocated.  This season I'll grow a Rose Quartz tomato in 1 of them and pole beans in the other 2.  (Reason is - I had 12 extra Contender climbing beans left and hey, what the heck, let's use them.)

Mom had given me 2 sets of wooden trellises a couple years ago ago ad they fit right over the pots.  I soaked the beans until they had some nice roots and planted them out a couple days ago.

This should be fun.  I have 12 of the same plants on the fence trellis.  Will be interesting to compare progress/harvest from both locations.  (Also used 2 different organic low-nitrogen fertilizers.)

Meanwhile, in the bean department, I soaked/rooted the few rest of my own saved blue lake bush beans and planted them in the vacant spaces in the bean border.  They were up in 3 days.  Now if I can only keep the bunnies away.  The netting does keep them from eating.  But it doesn't keep them from LAYING down on them.  *sheesh*

The 3 Hungarian hot wax peppers were never very robust and had been losing leaves daily.  So out it went and I replaced them with 3 med hot block peppers.  They seem to be settling in.

Finally, I was at Marc's yesterday and found they, too, had some of the fake grass carpet.  A piece 40"x60" for $8.  Picked one up, cut it in half length-wise and put it down along the bean border.

A bit of soft for the old knees and additional heat mitigation for the pots.

Today spaRRows enjoyed 1.5" of good rain.  All the plants look happy.

The bunny doesn't.  LOL

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Cooler cukes

This is the 3rd year I've grown cuke vines in the corner between the sunroom and the deck.

It's a bright sunny corner with lots of east and south light (until around 1:30 pm).

I've tried several ways to prevent so much wilting of the vines, even on cool bright days.

I usually revert to an umbrella around 10:00 am and remove it when the sun slides past the overhang.

I figured the sun was too bright.  But yesterday - on a bright mid-70s day I took a temp reading.

That corner space is hot!  It's not the sun, it's the heat that the vines can't beat.

I certainly didn't want to keep cooling things down with an umbrella - the plants need good sunlight.

Then I remembered a brilliant trick that Tammy over at Casa Mariposa devised.

Her plants suffered from window reflected heat.  So she put up curtains - on the OUTside of her house.

Here the heat is generated from the sun beating down on brick and very dark brown siding.  


I rigged up a double layer of floating row cover and draped it in front of that section of brick/siding.  Gave the guys a drink and let it go for an hour.

Then a temp check.  Way down and the cukes looked good.

Yay.  Thanks and a tip of the hat to Tammy. :-D

Gotta love the blogosphere!

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Rooting for my cutting

With the additional tubs for planting in SpaRRows, I decided not to wait until next year to try growing a non-determinant tomato in one of those pots.

So I broke off a growing tip (sucker) from my current Rose Quartz tomato (against the fence) and am rooting it.

Pretty sorry in the 1st pic just hours after cutting.  It needed lots of moisture (but not wet) at this point so added lid.

Later I realized all that foliage was doing it no good so I trimmed most of it off.

Within a few days it is looking good.

Today it is overcast and very rainy.  The bulk of the rain is over, but it is misting at this point.

So right now the cutting is out on the deck, somewhat sheltered.  What it needs now is some root growth and hardening off to re-acclimte to the UV.

I'm thinking it should be ready for plant out in the big pot around July 4th.

Stay tuned.

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