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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall compost

Uh oh.  I'm running out of compost and that's not good!

So on a nice day I sifted all the finished compost from the left-most bins.

Those 2 bins were soon empty.

And  the tubs were full - ready for spring planting.

The right-most bins have compost that still needs to 'cook' over winter.

As for the left-most bins - nature abhors a vacuum.  They soon filled with plant material from weeding the ring bed over the next 2 days.   I'll bury all my kitchen scraps in this stuff throughout winter.

There.  Now THAT little project is done for the year. 

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  1. Your raised beds look great! I Like how you bury your kitchen scraps right in the beds over the winter.

  2. Hi Eliza. Those aren't raised beds back there but dedicated compost bins. When a pile needs turned, I fork it into the next bin. That way at least one bin is empty, one (or 2) are half-composted and one ready to sift.

  3. You are so much more dedicated to composting than I..

    My composting consists of a
    couple of very large piles just inside the kitchen garden when I toss 'stuff' and once in a while add manure and straw and dirt.....I never turn it.

    It is probably a bit too rustic for civilization.

    I forgot to mention that your new wood looks perfect for the fireplace....and clean gutters! Let winter come.

  4. Actually if for no other reason, I compost to save $$. I compost ALL my kitchen waste (even paper napkins/towels, etc.) Then I recycle whatever else I can. That way I generate so little actual "trash" I only have to take an occasional bag to my mom's to put out with her's for pickup. Saves me a bundle on rubbish service every year. AND I get nice compost for the plants. It's win win. :-D

  5. Compost is black gold.

    I'm same as you with the trash situation.

    Do you compost your newspapers, torn in strips, too? I've just started doing that after reading how good it is. Before that I was burning them, but you can't put a lot of ashes in your garden without getting it out of balance.

    Hugs, Ilene

  6. I compost too. Yours look very healthy. Mine is filled with snail eggs which is not very good.

  7. Ilene - I don't get newspaper delivery nor magazines. I read them at the library so I don't have to recycle them. However, whenever I DO need newspapers to smother lawn for a new bed, I get TONS of them from the library. ;-D

    One - do you do 'hot' composting? I used to but have become lazy about 'working' it when needed to get those internal temps up to 150F. If I had snail eggs I guess I would do that to kill the eggs. Do your snails do a lot of damage? In wet years we get a lot of slugs.

  8. wow your compost looks greatwish I could get mine to be that good, problem is I don't really leave long enough nor turn it enough.

    Ilene I had used newspapers in the trench for my runner beans to hekp keep the water. but i had nver thought of using them in the compost heap.

  9. Hi Growing... I have enough space/time to let my compost mature, then sift it. Newspapers take the place of leaves/brown matter. You jut have to make sure they are cut into very narrow strips else they mat down and make a slimy layer that smothers the others. I like the idea of newspapers to help moisture under runner beans! :-D